Welcome to the

Second International Digital Anaglyph Contest:

Dabiri Award 2006.

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Welcome to the Exhibition Gallery of the First International Digital Anaglyph CompEx: The Dabiri Award 2006, in which you can view the anaglyphs entered for the competition. The Exhibition is a celebration of anaglyph art. Judges and participants alike hope you find much to please you and that you may draw inspiration to make your own anaglyphs!


The Dabiri Award judges wish to express their especial thanks for the support of the CompEx (Competition/Exhibition) sponsors who generously donated the awards listed below:

1. Loreo company yellow17_next.gif

A 3D Lens in a Cap with a Deluxe 3D Viewer + a 10-pack of Lite 3D Viewers 

A Photokit MKII 3D Camera with a Deluxe 3D Viewer + a 10-pack of Lite 3D Viewers.

 2. Dr. Shahrokh Dabiri set10_mail_on.gif

The contest innovator, organizer and benefactor of the winner's cup + a few other items as prizes: the Dabiri Awards.

 3. Dr. Imre Zsolnai-Nagy yellow17_next.gif

Three beautiful cups for the first, second and third placed entrants.

4.  Mr. Bernardo Galmarini yellow17_next.gif

Five CD ROM contain the artist 's beautiful Anaglyphs "3d Buenos Aires".

5. Mr. Dennis Green yellow17_next.gif

Three great Video DVD from GreenHouse Productions. 






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